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The Top 6 Engagement Rings Online Throughout History

The world has been waiting for the perfect engagement ring with name. From diamonds to emeralds and everything in between, there are so many different styles out there that it can be hard to choose just one! That's why we've put together this list of 10 engagement rings online throughout history that perfectly capture their time period. Whether you're looking for something classic or modern—or even something vintage-inspired—these rings will have your future spouse feeling like a princess on every finger!

1. The Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut diamond is a square-shaped diamond. It has 57 facets and was named after the Dutch royal family, who owned it until World War II. The Asscher cut was first introduced in 1908 by M.W. van den Bosch and Marcel Tolkowsky at the Société des Bijoux Indiens in Paris, France.

The shape of an Asscher cut diamond resembles that of a square: it has sharp corners and relatively flat sides compared to other shapes such as round or marquise cuts (which have rounded corners).

2. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald-cut diamond is a rectangular shape with pointed corners. It has an emerald-like shape and it comes in different colors, including yellow, green, and pink.

The Emerald Cut Diamond was first introduced by Cartier in 1937 as part of their Diamonds from Brazil collection. The design was created by Charles Jourdan who had worked with Cartier before on other designs including the brilliant cut diamond which you'll learn about later in this article!

3. The Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion-cut diamond is a square-shaped diamond. It has rounded corners and a flat top, which makes it easy to wear on all types of jewelry.

The cushion cut is an ideal choice for men’s engagement rings because it can be mounted in an assortment of ways (including prongs), making it versatile and comfortable. It also looks great with other styles of jewelry: wedding bands, pendants, or earrings!

4. The Pear Shape Diamond

The pear shape diamond is a good choice for someone who wants a larger stone, but doesn't want to sacrifice cut or clarity. It's also a great choice if you're looking for an unusual ring that will stand out from the crowd.

The pear shape diamond has been around since the early 1900s and was first introduced by Cartier in 1929. The pear shape diamond is shaped like an upside-down teardrop with two parallel sides and one point at its bottom end. This shape gives it more weight while also making it easier to handle when setting into your finger (the sides can be adjusted using side settings).

5. Modern Round Brilliant Cut

It is a modern cut that has been popular since the mid-20th century. The Modern Round Brilliant Cut has 58 facets, which makes it one of the most popular diamond cuts on the market today. This cut has a high crown and low pavilion, making it look good from all angles. The Modern Round Brilliant Cut also has an extremely high light return rate so you will have plenty of sparkle when your diamond wedding ring shines brightly in daylight or under artificial lighting conditions at night time parties!

6. Vintage Look Bridal Set

The vintage look is a very popular style, and it’s one that you can find in many different forms. The vintage look is a throwback to the 1920s and 1930s, which was when most engagement rings were made or purchased. This style also pays homage to classic jewelry from this period of time—the diamonds on your engagement ring would have likely been large and round with little or no facets (cutaway angles) on them at all!

The modern trend has stuck around since then; if you want something both old-school and new-school at once, look into purchasing an antique setting for your diamond solitaire ring. You may even want to consider having two different styles: one for everyday wear (purchased online) and another for special occasions where there are more eyes on you than usual (bought locally).


These documentaries are a great way to learn more about engagement rings for girls and other jewelry pieces. They can provide insight into the history of diamonds and how they're used, as well as how they're sold in today's world. The films also explore issues like human trafficking and child labor, which we hope will influence consumers who want to make ethical decisions when shopping for a solitaire engagement ring.

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