The Right PRNewswire and Business Wire Pricing Model

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How To Choose The Right PRNewswire and Business Wire Pricing Model


It's no secret that PR and news PRWeb Pricing  is a cost-effective way to get your story out. However, if you're not sure which pricing model is right for your company or organization, here are some tips on how to choose the right one:

Choosing a PR and News Release Distribution Provider

Choosing a PR and News Release Distribution provider is an important decision. You need to choose a provider that offers all of the features you want and can afford.

Ideally, you want to select a company that has a good reputation within your industry and offers reliable service at an affordable price point. If possible, find out how much each distribution channel costs per month or year so you can compare apples-to-apples when deciding which would be best for your business needs.

How Much Should I Pay for a Press Release?

Pricing for your press release is based on the type of release, the number of words, and distribution channels.

The first thing to do when pricing your PRNewswire or Business Wire Pricing  is to determine which version you need:

  • Print: A printed version with a hard copy (such as an A4 sheet)

  • Electronic: An electronic version that can be sent via email. If you’re sending it electronically, make sure you check with the publication for their requirements before sending it through their system so that they don’t charge extra fees for formatting or attachments.

Your Press Release Cost is Based on the Price Model, Not a Price

Pricing is determined by the price model, not a price.

The PRNewswire and Business Wire press release pricing models are based on:

  • The number of words in your press release. You can choose between 250 or 500 words for each release, with an additional charge for each word beyond 500 or up to 2,500.

  • How many times do you want to distribute your press release (this is also referred to as "releases per year"). If you’re not sure how often you’ll need it published in order to reach your audience, check out our free tool called “How often do I need my news feed?” It will help guide you in choosing the right option for your needs!

What is the Per-Word Price Model?

The per-word price model is the most basic way to pay for PRNewswire Pricing. It's also the simplest, based on how many words you're charging for.

In this model, you'll be charged for each word that appears in your press release—no matter what it says or how long it runs (or even if it has any content at all). This can seem like an extreme example of "make hay while the sun shines," but if you want to get started quickly and easily without having to keep track of many different details about your business or brand, this is probably one of your best options.

What is the Cost-Per-Release Price Model?

A cost-per-release pricing model is a good choice for those who have a lot of content, as it gives you access to the most coverage possible.

Cost per release means that you pay only for releases that are published and distributed by each outlet. For example, if you're releasing your latest white paper on the Apple Watch and want it distributed through Business Wire, PRNewswire, and other wire services (including social media platforms like Facebook), then this is what we recommend—you'll only pay what they charge!

Cost-Per-Release Price Includes Additional Services While Per-Word Does Not

While cost-per-release prices can be attractive, they do not include additional services like metadata and graphic design. Cost-per-release pricing is better for companies that have a lot of releases, as the cost per release can quickly add up.

Per-Word Pricing Is Better For Companies With Fewer Releases

Companies with fewer Marketwired Pricing  will benefit from per-word prices because it eliminates the need to factor in additional costs associated with creating metadata. However, if your company has more than 10 releases per month or sends out hundreds of announcements each year (or both), then you might want to consider using a cost-per-release model instead.

Which Pricing Model is Better for You?

In a nutshell, cost-per-release pricing includes additional services. Cost-per-word is the most common model and is usually the cheapest option as you will pay for each word published. Per-word prices vary based on your industry and can range from $10 to $100 per release or article.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, then per-article pricing may be for you! This means that if your company writes articles with an average length of 500 words (which would require 10 releases), then they'll only have to pay $5 per release instead of $10—a savings of 50%.

A Word of Warning About DIY Press Release Distribution Services

  • Some services charge a fee for each PRNewswire Cost  you submit, and some also charge a fee for each press release they publish.

  • Some services charge a fee for each press release they distribute to their partners, such as news agencies and journalists.

The cost of your press release depends on which pricing model you use and what extra services you purchase.

The cost of your press release depends on which pricing model you use and what extra services you purchase.

The most popular option is the per-word model, where each word in a press release costs approximately $50. This pricing model includes everything from one-time costs like submission fees to monthly subscription fees for a certain number of releases per month but does not include any additional features such as uploading images or creating your own content.


The decision of which pricing model to use is often based on how many items you want to send out, what distribution channels are available for your press release and other services, and whether or not you want to purchase extra features such as an email distribution list. The cost of your Press Release Pricing  depends on these factors as well as others such as whether or not your news release will be used by multiple media outlets at once or just one at a time.

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