Jiye Technologies starts rollout of expansion plan and quickly secures 10,000 retailers in Karachi

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Jiye Technologies starts rollout of expansion plan and quickly secures 10,000 retailers in Karachi 


Lahore, Pakistani, 8th Jan 2022 - Jiye Technologies, Pakistan’s fastest growing agri-tech platform that recently disclosed their $2.5M Pre-Seed funding, has now rapidly begun to expand across Pakistan.  After launching operations in Lahore a short 5 months ago, the company has now set eyes on Pakistan’s largest metropolis, Karachi.   

Co-Founder Osama Salman expressed his enthusiasm about the already successful city launch stating, "With the recent round of funding, our utmost priority has been to expand our geographical footprint. We believe retailers are key stakeholders of this ecosystem who are in dire need of transformation. Setting foot in Karachi with 10,000+ retailers onboard, we are well poised to take over the city of lights by storm and leave a lasting impact”

With 10,000 retailers already on board, Jiye Technologies has secured a sizable share of the market and is projected to increase its revenue by 10X.  The onground team is mapping the retailer network across the entire city and collecting valuable data that until now has not existed.  The company’s vision of transforming the entire agriculture supply chain ecosystem and its players is being enthusiastically received by both farmers and retailers.  Democratizing access to markets, while ensuring a regular supply of quality produce is helping increase business growth for the retailers.

Jiye Technologies has already started work on additional city operations as their wider expansion strategy.  With news of new cities expected in the coming weeks.

“I was very pleasantly surprised to meet with the Jiye Technologies team.  They were well aware of the problems I had been facing with my shop and presented a new easier way of ordering stock for my business. Now I don’t have to worry about the quality anymore, I earn a better return on investment & get timely deliveries. I am really looking forward to working with them and Inshallah seeing my shop grow.” Ghulam Sarwar, Karachi Retailer

Jiye is set out to revolutionize the agri-supply chain in a country with the 5th largest population and 56Mn acres of crop-able land; Pakistan, where more than 40% of disposable income is spent on food, a glaring figure compared to a single digit in the developed world. The startup aims to bring food safety to the region by solving conventional supply chain inefficiencies from farm to retail. 


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