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Yokai Crushed Their Debut at EDC Las Vegas and Gets Invited Back to EDC Orlando 2021

Justin and TJ, also known as Yokai, are shaking dance floors and making waves in the music industry after performing at North America's largest electronic music festival, EDC Las Vegas. This was not only exciting for their fans, but for the artists themselves. After performing so well, Insomniac had decided to not only invite them to their next festival (EDC Orlando), but wanted them to perform alongside the biggest names in music on their main stage, Kinetic Field.

After the rigorous selection process that EDC goes through to make sure they have the best of the best artists performing at their event, they chose to add a hidden gem, a duo that has been steadily making waves in Orlando's electronic music market. This group has shocked the world with their music and has gained notoriety from major artists, such as David Guetta, Don't Blink, Golf Clap and more.

Yokai is a high-energy, ground-shaking duo that brings a dancy atmosphere wherever they go. When they play you can expect a setlist full of unreleased songs, custom edits, remixes, and originals that set them apart from the rest. This dynamic has made them one of the top up-and-coming regional acts in the United States.

Although they wouldn't reveal their exact setlist, they did mention that their two latest releases ( "Stronger" and "Drugs" ) were performed along with many of their unreleased tracks. For those who caught an early dose of Yokai at Insomniac's Official Opening party featuring ZEDD, at the Vanguard Live event, it was just a testament to what was to come the remainder of the weekend. This dynamic duo performed an eventful performance at the Kinetic Field and was invited to the official afterparty alongside Tchami at Celine Orlando. It was absolutely one for the books.

Information regarding the festival can be found at: https://electricdaisycarnival.com. For any Yokai future bookings, please contact: MGMT@WeAreTheYokai.com
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