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Alphagreen Group Launches Sleepcare and Energy Optimising Brand, Yawns

Next-gen Health and Wellness e-commerce platform Alphagreen Group has added another asset to its portfolio, natural sleepcare brand Yawns. This is the second brand in their portfolio, in addition to European leading CBD marketplace alphagreen.io

As an e-commerce aggregator in the wellness space, Alphagreen Group acquires and incubates innovative brands that provide effective solutions to wellness consumers, channelling these brands through their growth strategy arm, NUOPTIMA. 

Answering the growing consumer need for natural solutions to combat sleep issues, including insomnia, Yawns is the first sleepcare brand in Alphagreen Group's investment portfolio. The global sleep industry is projected to be worth $585 billion by 2024, and interest in sleep and wellbeing products has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Yawns is comprised of the highest quality ingredients proven to improve health and wellbeing, combined in new ways to deliver multiple benefits from one supplement.


Yawns Night Caps (per capsule)

100mg Valerian Root
380mg Ashwagandha
20mg Griffonia Seeds
5mg Black Pepper
Yawns Day Caps (per capsule)

240mg Lion's Mane
30mg Cordyceps
30mg Chaga
150mg Guarana
30mg Maitake
30mg Shaggy Mane
30mg Reishi
30mg Shiitake
30mg Oyster Mushroom
Alexej Pikovsky, CEO and founder of Alphagreen Group said:

"We recognised Yawns's potential for success within our incubation methodology. Our marketplace is growing, and our contribution margin is healthy; but having our own brands was always the larger objective. We detected the gap in the market for sleep products with the combination of valerian root, ashwagandha, black pepper and 5HTP. Our consumer research also indicated a natural upsell through a nootropic blend of guarana and performance mushrooms. With interest in sleep and wellbeing growing throughout the pandemic, this is the ideal time and product to serve consumer needs."

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Notes to Editors

For more information about the Yawns products and acquisition strategy, contact alphagreen@shift6.org.

About The Alphagreen Group

Alphagreen Group is an e-commerce platform and technology provider focused on next-generation health and wellbeing products, including CBD and other alternative healthcare products. Alphagreen Group consists of the alphagreen.io marketplace, the business intelligence product, specialised marketing agency NUOPTIMA, and a portfolio of brands in the wellness space.

Founded in 2019, The Alphagreen Group was born from a passion for health and wellbeing, combined with technology and innovation. The brainchild of entrepreneurs Alexej Pikovsky and Viktor Khliupko, Alphagreen is working to simplify the entire shopper experience across self-care wellness sectors, including sleep, pain, and anxiety.
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