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World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator

GeoBizOps.com ® is “the World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator” and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), managed by a Team of Industry-Recognized & Highly Qualified Retired US Military & Diplomatic Government EXPERTS. Home - GeoBizOps® ® was launched to assist Small to Mid-sized Businesses & Non-profits to Succeed.

AtGeoBizOps.com ®, we provide our Members with the ONLY (3) Products & Support Services they need to Expand their Operations into the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

Government, Defense & Aid “Fast-Track” Registration Services

GeoBizOps.com® helps its Members Register to do Business with the US Government, their Large Prime Contractors (Top 100), the UN, NATO, 100’s of Aid Agencies/NGOs & all Development Banks.

Launch, Growth, and/or Jumpstart Program

GeoBizOps.com ® provides all Products & Support Services (including Bid Management & Matchmaking Services) that are Essential for our Members to do Business (B2B/B2G) ) with the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP) & Hire a VET • Hire a HERO

GeoBizOps.com ® Supports & Provides these (2) Very Special Groups (our American Military HEROES) everything they need to do Business (B2B/B2G) with the Government, Defense & Aid Industries.

Contact Information -

Telephone - (877) 359-3883

Address - 401 E. Jackson St.
Suite 2340-A

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