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Tik Tok Famed Swagmodovars Are Releasing Their Reality TV Show On Triller

Tik Tok has become one of the most popular video-sharing platforms with millions of short videos competing with each other to get the attention of the audience. SWAGmodovars, a family of four has acquired more than 1.2 million followers on the platform in just 6 months. The family makes short skits to amazing comedy stand-up bits that are extremely popular in the Tik Tok community. Now they are making a reality TV show on Triller. They are also on YouTube with their original and creative videos that are loved by people of all age groups.

In the family, there is the dad, GMan, who is a radio personality. He is also the mastermind behind the whole show. Next is the mom, known as Lady G. She is a cosmetology instructor. Their daughter Aracelis is a student at AMDA in Los Angeles and is studying to become an actress. Last but not least, is their teenage son, Brando. He is also known as Rando. He loves playing football and video games on his PS5. The name SWAGmodovars comes from their last name Almodovar.

Together they make an excellent team, creating unique and entertaining humorous videos online. They have created a loyal fan base that watches them on different digital platforms every day. SWAGmodovars has stroked a deal with the popular all Triller that is creating groundbreaking moves on their platform like adding a TV channel. With Triller, they are going to create an exceptional reality TV show with a twist.

SWAGmodovars is a family Tik Tok channel featuring a Latin family of four. They have captured the hearts of a vast audience on the platform. Now they are moving on to their next big venture that is their tie-up with the app Triller. They are creating a hybrid reality TV show that is a mix of real family situations and comedy in a perfect mix. The show is available on Triller every Wednesday at 2:30 PST/ 5:30 EST. For more details visit their website https://www.swagmodovars.com/.

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