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ReputationUP Survey: 67.7% Of Consumers Do Not Buy From Companies Having 4 Negative Online Reviews Or More

According to the ReputationUP Study Center, 67.7% of consumers do not buy products or services from companies with 4 or more negative online reviews.

The growth of online shopping and customer reviews make it necessary for businesses to know the buyer’s opinion about the goods and services offered.

In case of a negative review, in fact, the customer prefers to opt for another brand.

This and other information is at the core of the surveys conducted by the Study Centre of ReputationUP, a world leader in Online Reputation Management and Right to Be Forgotten

The idea that customers choose another brand if it has 4 or more negative comments in Google search, represents a risk for the company.

On the one hand, there will be a drop in website traffic and, as a result, in sales.

With regard to online reputation, on the other hand, a negative, false or harmful comment can destroy the image and reputation of the company.

“Online reputation plays a central role for companies, but many tend to underestimate its implications," points out Andrea Baggio, CEO Europe of ReputationUP.

It is essential to be able to protect your web reputation also through the review management process.

One of ReputationUP’s services is the removal of comments in order to protect yourself in the event of online defamation.

“Data or information moving across the web or the Internet may be used for negative, fraudulent, or defamatory purposes. We must be aware that this can cause irreparable harm to individuals and businesses,” says Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO Americas of ReputationUP.

The future of businesses is e-commerce. Thus, the consumer’s opinion becomes crucial.

The article on Entrepreneur confirms these predictions: 

“While ecommerce entrepreneurs haven’t been entirely immune from the crisis, the overall impact has clearly accelerated our transition away from traditional retail. By making an active investment in ecommerce now, you will be better positioned to achieve successful market results in the future”.

As a result, business success and consumer confidence are closely related to impeccable online image and reputation management.

ReputationUP is an international company with offices in Europe, North and South America, specialized in Online Reputation Management and Right to be Forgotten. 

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Sara Campos

Digital PR Manager Reputation UP


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