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Adelaide Startup announces the launch of its platform to disrupt the e-commerce and fundraising industry

Giverly today announces the launch of its online platform that converts everyday online shopping into 'Free' and meaningful donations towards some of the most pressing social causes. Giverly acts as an affiliate for some of the major Global & local brands and donates the commission earned to Charities supported by its users.

With Giverly, helping has never been easier. Users can engage in their day-to-day online shopping and raise meaningful donations without spending anything extra as the donation comes directly from the partnered online stores as a 'thank you for shopping in the form of affiliate commissions. With over 70 online brands currently partnered with, customers can shop in Fashion, Electronics, Food, Travel, Entertainment, utilities, and many more.

"There are millions of dollars being exchanged between Affiliate Marketers and Online e-commerce stores & most online shoppers do not realize that affiliate marketers are making money every time they shop online. This money, if put to the right use, can help charity organizations in fulfilling their objectives and bring positive changes in the world and at Giverly we want to make that happen" said Sagar Menon, Founder, and CEO. 

Since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic, most charities have seen a decrease in charitable donations while the services they provide have become more important than ever. "If people come together and join Giverly in their efforts, a perfect solution to this problem is just a few clicks away," said Jazlaan Saeed, CTO.

So join Giverly and help your purchases matter now.

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