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BATON ROUGE IMPROV FESTIVAL Bringing joy and laughter

The Baton Rouge Improv Festival announces the first-ever improv comedy festival based in the capital city from May 12 through May 16, 2021. This year’s virtual festival features some of the most exciting and innovative teachers and performers from across the country and around the world. Notable artists performing and teaching during this year’s festival include Susan Messing from Chicago’s Annoyance Theater and The Second City’s Racheal Mason.

“When we began planning the first-ever Baton Rouge Improv Festival, we knew that it was going to be fun and inclusive,” BRIF Artistic Director Brett Duggan said. “But I had no idea that it was going to include some of the most prestigious improv teachers and the finest performers from all around the world with professional-level broadcast streaming.”

For five days the festival will celebrate the art of comedy improvisation by offering virtual workshops, networking, panel discussions, and live streaming more than twenty improv comedy performances. Tickets and links for these virtual shows and workshops can be found at www.batonrougeimprovfest.com

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While this is primarily an online event, recent changes in Covid-related venue precautions mean some local performances will also offer limited in-person seating. Ultimately, BRIF’s goal is to give voice to the unique and diverse performers who spontaneously create art while uplifting, educating, and inspiring the audiences who enjoy them.

About Baton Rouge Improv Festival

BRIF is a non-profit pending organization created to uplift and serves the community with arts education and inspirational performance. We will reach our goals by using the principles learned by improvisers: we listen, we make our partner look good and we work together with the power of positivity.


Brett Duggan Artistic Director Em: batonrougeimprovfest@gmail.com Ph: 415.412.4042 Instagram: @batonrougeimprovfest

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