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WordPress & Purple Drive - Verticals & Specifications

More often than not, technology is the one that throws a spoke in the wheel - especially for small entrepreneurs, SMEs and SOHO businesses. This is the reason for Purple Drive to have curated WordPress Tools & Plugins under multiple verticals which would make sense for their respective businesses. The plethora of online tools makes finding, choosing & hence deciding difficult. We have removed that obstacle for the businesses.  Website Fixer has to do is to get to their vertical straight and pick what suits them. Better still, leave it to Purple Drive and we will make you online ready!

The verticals that are live now are Real Estate, Non-profit, Hotels & Restaurants. Further curation based on verticals under progress. WordPress has over 40000 tools which can play significant roles in your website. But the sheer numbers make it difficult to choose. And even if you do choose, you need to see compatibility with other tools and the WordPress platform itself which can be a daunting task.

Purple Drive is a platform which has curated and filtered the 40,000 down to 500 which performs the required task on your website. Having curated the tools & plugins, Purple Drive will help in getting the same installed and checked for consistency and performance before handover! The icing on the cake is that Purple Drive's services are available 24x7 WordPress Support. Our trained experts will help you choose the tools you need for your website and get them installed on your website with proper backup of the site which can be rolled back in case of any issue.

Purple Drive will help you install - instantly, these tools & plugins which help you in multiple ways with your business. They could be in managing content, social media, ensuring updates in data, customer support and engagement etc. No need to contact a 'developer' or ask around to find someone to help you out. WordPress Support supposed to make your life easy. Not difficult. And that's what Purple Drive would do for you.

One of the most crucial things about starting a web page online is that to ensure that it looks, and functions in a transparent and professional manner. As new customers who visit your page, the first thing they will be intrigued or interested about will be the visual appeal of your site. Emergency WordPress Support We are called 'visual creatures' for a reason. To capture and mesmerize your potential target audience, you will need to hit all the right spots when it comes to visual appeal. But fret not, for we have compiled a list of WordPress themes (We are going to assume that you have a WordPress site already) that are a visual treat to the eyes and a pleasure to work with.

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