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Votanik Medical Announces Partnership With

Votanik Medical is a U.S. owned and operated company dedicated to providing the highest quality FDA PPE products at the lowest cost.

Votanik's desire to make PPE both affordable and readily available aligns perfectly with mission to provide PPE to frontline workers and under-served, under-resourced communities with a sense of urgency.

Fair priced PPE historically has required a high minimum order quantity, making it difficult for small businesses, small to mid-size school districts, most private schools, several medical institutions, and even local government agencies unable to acquire or afford proper PPE for its frontline employees. Votanik is shaking up the PPE market by making PPE available at a low price even on small to mid-size clients through its revolutionary business approach to supply change management and the global PPE market.

"We are so excited to be apart of's movement. On August 24, Votanik will join several other members of the's coalition to participate in a 'Back to School Roundtable' to discuss the PPE market as it relates to National Association of School Nurses suggestions for the upcoming year, CARES Act funding, and a plan of action to help our students and teachers return to the classroom as safely as possible." – said by Marc Desgraves, Votanik CFO

About Votanik Medical

Votanik Medical supplies FDA approved PPE from the industry’s leading manufacturers ready for immediate delivery at the lowest price available. Votanik Medical has differentiated itself from competitors through its superior customer care, as they provide the same products at the same price to both large and small customers alike.

About is a non-profit that specializes in collecting donated PPE and delivering to those who need it most. Through innovative data technology, they prioritize and distribute PPE for those most in danger of contracting and dying from COVID 19. Their goal is to address the PPE shortage with a sense of urgency and equity.

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