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The Power of Using Press Releases to Attract Visitors to Your Website Or Blog

Using press releases to drive visitors to your web site or blog is an excellent traffic generation strategy. Not only is there an opportunity that reporters might pick up and run your story but also other webmasters. A press release that is written well and submitted to the right Affordable Press Release Network sites can mean thousands of visitors to your web site and high rankings in the search engines.

Press releases serve two primary purposes. They should generate traffic and build backlinks. Highly regarded release sites will give your web site or blog a lot of back-link love and the press release itself will likely rank pretty high in the search engines. To be successful, you have to make sure that your release is properly optimized. 

This is very similar to optimizing an article or web page. You should include the keywords you want to be ranked for in the headline of the release and throughout it. Also, make sure that you place your web site or blog address throughout the release as well. If you can create a hyperlink, make sure to do so. To get the most bang for your buck, optimize your release for more than one keywords. Two or three keywords would be great.

If you are looking to use paid press release services or most some free ones, you have to make sure that you submit a quality release. Simply submitting an advertisement will not work. Reporters and webmasters are looking for information that will help their viewers. They are not looking to sell your product or service. Therefore, you have to you be very careful about how you craft your Free Press Release Distribution Services. When you can, try to make a connection between a newsworthy event and your company or product. You will need to explain the benefits of your product but do so objectively. 

Don't use language such as "guaranteed'" "the best ever" or "buy this today." If you do, your release either won't get accepted or will not receive a high enough score to be sent out to top media outlets (this is important if you are using prweb.com). Therefore, take the time necessary to create a really good release. Go online and view some sample press releases. Many press release sites will offer tips on how to write a proper press release. Make sure that you download that information and read it carefully before you write your own. There is also software available that is essentially plug-and-play. It will take through the steps of writing a good release.

Again, press releases can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your web site or blog. They can bring you tons of visitors and can also help your Affordable Press Release Website and website rank highly in the search engines. Consequently, press releases should not be overlooked as a traffic generation method.

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