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The Online Marketing Trifecta Includes Press Releases

Not every online entrepreneur is rolling in dough. In this day and age of a slow worldwide economy, money must be spent wisely. The Affordable Press Release Website world depends on traffic and conversions. If you don't have any traffic, you won't have many conversions. If you have abstract traffic, as opposed to targeted traffic, you also won't do as well as you could.

The Online Marketing Trifecta

You can get your traffic by either paying to advertise or by going for organic traffic at a fraction of the cost of running Pay Per Click or Banner Ad campaigns. Ever hear of the Online Marketing Trifecta? If you want to have a chance at Page One of Google, you will be using: Articles, Press Releases and Videos.

Keep in mind that all of this is done with SEO in mind. That means using the correct keywords to target your interest group and/or geographical areas. We also have to bear in mind how Google will react to these various strategies. As far as Articles are concerned, each article submitted to anywhere on the Internet must be unique, no duplicate content. Google will penalize you for using, or stealing, duplicate content. It doesn't matter if it was your own content, you can't use it twice.

Free Press Release Distribution Services. The other ten million article directories are low page ranked, and Google views them as Article Spam Directories. Forget about using "Spun" articles, as Google is learning how to recognize them and they are not considered quality content.

Press Release Marketing Offers More Bang For The Buck

Press Release Marketing is the strongest member of the Online Marketing Trifecta. It is the quickest route to increased traffic and link building. Your Press Release can be published on hundreds and hundreds of sites within a few days. The cost per published site is extraordinarily low.

PR Marketing can also be accomplished without the need for using a unique copy for each place it is submitted. The original PR can be submitted to multiple sites with no backlash. Google recognizes bona fide News Sites as Authority Sites, and affords the PR's better page rankings. A word to the wise is to stay away from the Free Press Release Sites, as Google views these as nothing more than PR Directories, and the recipients of PR Spam.

A YouTube Video is also part of this online marketing strategy. Guess who owns YouTube... Google! The video has weight with Google, so why not make one? It doesn't have to be a professional, done in a studio production, but you should make an attempt to produce one that gets your message across without too much nonsense included.

The Press Release Guru. Affordable Press Release Network and has written hundreds of effective Press Releases. His company offers a very unique Press Release Distribution Package and can repair damaged reputations.

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