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Press Releases For Link Building - A Synopsis

One way to promote your business online is by using online press releases for link building. Most small business owners do not employ typical pr with their businesses because they think it's a waste of time. But, using this technique online has many advantages for Affordable Press Release Website and should always be part of your promotional strategies. First a look at why online releases are better than printed releases. When a company has something newsworthy to share they frequently send out a release to all the local papers and publications hoping that the editors will deign to give them a write up inside the pages of their distributed magazine or newspaper. The problem with this is that you have no guarantee that they will pick your press release over someone else.

Additionally, you have no control over where they put the write up if they do. In other words, you have no idea if anyone will ever see it, you know, at the bottom of the back page of the dining guide! Furthermore, without a considerable amount of research, which most small businesses are not equipped to do, there is simply no real way of knowing what their circulation numbers or demographic group are meaning your write up is likely to be untargeted to their readership. Additionally, sending out these releases can be very time consumptive in terms of finding the right email addresses, physical addresses, fax numbers, etc. in order to deliver them.

Online press releases are very different, however. No online promotional technique meets all the criteria for off-page SEO, and press releases are no different, but they have some special qualities if done correctly and to the right places, that overcome those issues and provide great benefits.

There are websites whose sole purpose is to distribute these releases. Often these sites allow for links to be embedded in them which provides a way to both distribute newsworthy information to various outlets that might pick it up, but also builds links to your website content if you know the tricks.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of release services: free and paid. Many provide both levels of service, so bear that in mind as you poke about press release sites.

You can find free sites by searching for the following phrases in your favorite search engine:

  • submit press release free
  • free press release distribution
  • submit press release
  • press release submission directory

In most cases you will be able to create a profile that provides a link back to your home page, and hopefully a link or two to more specific pages on Affordable Press Release Website. Use every link building opportunity available. When possible use anchor text appropriately and be sure and use your keywords in your press release title.

Additionally, you will want to use their keywords or tag functions if they allow them and pictures if that is an option.

A great way to get started is to sign up for some of the free ones and see how easy it is to promote yourself and build links to your site before paying for such a service. The paid services do offer many benefits like inclusion in Google News results, so keep that in mind after you learn the ropes. Either way, press releases are a smart way to promote a small business website online.

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Carrie Gibson has been helping Arkansas businesses promote themselves for more than 20 years through print and publishing. Her internet marketing consulting and seo service helps Arkansas small businesses market in the local arena. She is available for public speaking and private coaching.

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