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Omega 3's and Your Health

These days we hear so much about fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids and the benefits. Most people also hear the word fat and think isn't fat bad? Well there are two types of fat, good and bad, omega 3's fall into the good which is what I'm going to talk about here.

As the name states 3's are fatty acids which means that they don't get created within the body and to come from outside sources via food/diet. Unfortunately, Omega 3's Health Supplement are usually left out of one's diet and considering the benefits it's not something you want to leave out.

There have been many studies which show that omega 3 fish oil supplements have a huge health benefits. Some of the many benefits such as, immune function, brain health, rheumatoid arthritis, lowers blog triglyceride levels, reduces the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure. This is also research that suggests that omega 3's can also prevent diabetes, cancer, ADHD, arthritis and depression.

When it comes to overall health, working out to build muscle and improving diet, O3 fatty acid supplements are the most recommended by most nutritionists or personal trainers. Taking omega 3's also helps when it comes to the ability to be able to concentrate and thought process.

For those of us who love fish you're in luck, fish contains the good fatty acids the only issue is you have to love it a lot cause you'd have to eat quite a bit to get the right dose. Unfortunately these days fish contains various toxins like mercury that are not good for us so eating high amounts of fish every day is just not good.

As I mentioned above fish contains the omega 3's that we need but fish also contain harmful toxins like mercury, dioxin and PCBs. So when looking for supplements how do we know what to get so we aren't taking ones that don't have the toxin filtered out. You want to look for high amounts of primarily EPA than DHA per capsule. Make sure the source comes from fish like salmon, sardines or tuna. Avoid supplements that only have DHA which are usually from algae oil. Stay away from ones that are made from flaxseed oil which are less effective. Look for brands that are certified by agencies like International Fish Oils Standard (IFOS) or the United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USP).

Omega 3 fatty acids are vital to your health and since your body can't make them you need to make sure you getting what you need.

Eating the occasional fish isn't enough if you want to get your O3's. Taking the right natural vitamins  will provide you with the daily allowances that you need

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