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Is A Press Release Worthwhile?

Let me explain what a press release is then we can talk about the benefits. A Affordable Press Release Network in essence is a written statement; it can also be a recording. Basically it is a communication released to the media in order to announce something. It is almost like an article but it takes on a slightly different format. Here are the basic features of a press release.

Headline; this is very important a good headline will encourage readers to read further

Dateline; this is where the date is and it also may contain information such as where the press release originated.

Introduction; pretty self explanatory, here you introduce your topic

Body; here you will go into detail regarding what you said in the introduction

About; this talks about the writer and the company or individual that is making the press release more commonly known in the press circles as the boilerplate section.

Close; this just brings the it to a close stating the end.

What are the benefits? If you are launching a new product or service you can get this information into the hands of the media and as a result get lots of traffic. They are picked up by the search engines very quickly, Google news for example picks up a lot of Free Press Release Distribution, and this can result in lots of traffic.

They are respected in general by the search engines and from that stand point you can get a good link pointing back to your site with your desired keyword, which helps with your search engine ranking.

I have actually submitted articles to press release networks and have had no problem. I re-write it a little bit. The biggest benefit thus far is the powerful links it gives me. You should not rule out doing press release it can be beneficial. If you are an affiliate and are passionate about making a living online and want to work with others to succeed then select one of the links below.

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