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How to Use a Press Release For Your Next Big Launch

Launching a business or a product is a huge milestone for any businessperson. As a businessperson, it signifies the start of a new chapter in your professional career. If you are at the point of launching a product or a business, then you're already done the market research, product research, product development, and all other groundwork that goes with the territory. In a nutshell, you have dedicated a small part of your life to this product and Affordable Press Release Network Now, it is time to launch the product in the market and let it take a life of its own.

If it succeeds, you feel fulfilled and happy, but if it fails, you feel like a part of you has failed. We don't want to see that. The more successful businessmen we have in this world, the more wealth is created. This small guide will put you in the right direction for a product launch and hopefully help you launch many successful products in the future.

When you have a product that is ready for the market, the next step for you should be to prepare a press release for the launch of the product. A well-written press release will give your product a good impetus from the start. Hundreds of products are launched all over the world daily. Most of them fail because they are either bad products or they had a bad launch.

So what is a press release? Briefly explained, a press release is a news story that announces a product or an event. It is written in a way where the launch of your product is looked upon as a newsworthy event. A good Free Press Release Distribution will create anticipation for your product.

Before you start to panic about your lack of knowledge on press releases, you should think about this. 90% of the businesses around the world don't use press releases properly, if at all. Your only competition is the 10% of the businesses who are savvy and therefore successful. Armed with this optimism, let us now delve into the various aspects of a good press release.

First of all, sit back and observe your product. Ask yourself the following questions:

- Who is your target audience?
- Why?
- If you were part of the target audience, what would make you buy this product?
- What positive things about this product excite you?
- How would this product make your life better?
- What information do you need in order to acquire his product?
- What sets this product apart from all other products?

These questions will not only help you to write an effective press release, but it will help you to better analyze and improve your product. In short it is a way to take stock of your product.
Write down the answers to these questions on a sheet of paper. Read and reread the answers and make whatever improvements you can to it. When you feel like you can't improve on your answers any more, you are now ready to write your first press release.

This guide will not show you how to write a press release. The format of a release is fairly standard and is found on the internet. Find a format that you like and get ready to get started.
Remember this; your press release is not going directly to your target audience. It is going to go to a reporter. News reporters get several press releases every day. They are paid to pick out the few that are exciting and newsworthy. Make sure that your press release fits that mould. Here are some tips to remember:

- Keep it short but full of useful information.
- Use quotes from the business owner, even if it's you.
- Don't sound promotional in your tone. This is not an ad.
- Have an angle. Why is your story important? Why should a paper do a story about it?
- Make sure you have the proper contact information on the release.

You can put together the release yourself and have your friends read it, or you can hire a professional to do your release for you. Either way, the end product should be professional, enticing and newsworthy. The success of your launch depends on it.

Now that you have your release, it is time to contact the media. If you're working with a professional, they will dissipate the release for you. Many professional have contacts in the industry and this definitely helps. However, if you're dispersing the release yourself, that is fine too.

Make a list of all publications that will want to run your story. So if you're launching a new line of golf clubs, you don't want to target a baby magazine. You should target golf and sports-related magazines.
Your list of publications should include appropriate newspapers, magazines, journals and websites.
Now that you have your list, it is time to find contacts in each publication. Networking can be useful here. If you have friends who know people in these publications, use them to get names and contact info. If you don't, you can simply look up the websites of these publications or call them up and ask for appropriate contacts.

Now that you have your list, start sending them your Press Release Distribution Network. Most publications have email addresses these days, but you may find the occasional need to send a fax release.
Finally, use the internet to spread the news about your launch. Press Release Power is a great resource to do this. You can send out your release to thousands of publications using Press Release Power. News wire is another resource. Search the internet for such services and use them to get the word out there.

If you are organized and professional in your approach, your press release will not only reach thousands of people, it will help you to have a successful product launch. Occasionally, you will have publications calling you for more information about your product. Make sure that you are courteous on the phone and give them all the information they need. There are people who have silly voice mail messages. If you have one, delete it and record a professional one. Remember, if you don't take yourself seriously, others won't either.

A well done press release is a great way to create a buzz about your product. The more releases you do, the better you get at it. So start using this tool to bring you greater success in your business and gain an edge over your competition.

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