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Free Press Release Sites - 7 Must-Have Features to Prove If a PR Site Supports Your Goals For Free

So what should you expect from a Free Press Release Distribution Services account? How could you prove that your free press release submission provider is a time and cost-saving online marketing tool? Here are 7 must-have features to check:

1. Free account: Are there more possibilities than just to log in and submit releases, e.g. to create a user or business profile or to handle multiple releases? To control the success of your submitted news it would be nice to have some user behavior statistics displayed.

2. Free directory: Is your profile (if offered) taking part in a searchable business or web directory for free?

3. Free submission: Is there a possibility to choose a category and to add keywords? Do you have the chance to preview and edit your release before submission for free? Will it be released for free (usually within 24 hours) or is there a hidden charge (as known from many web directories) to get it out as soon as possible?

4. Free distribution: Does your free press release service offer free XML news and sitemap features to make your business news available for search engines and news sites like Google or Yahoo? Will your release be conditioned to get distributed through 3rd parties via mail-to-friend, print, pdf-download, and social bookmarking options?

5. Free link building: To expand your online visibility for free it should be possible to add clickable links into your press release and business profile within your free account.

6. Free image upload: To present your products and services well and to grab readers' attention it might be useful to add some images to your press release text and a logo for your company's profile and choose Affordable Press Release Website

7. Free archiving: Your release should be filed in a searchable index to make it accessible for interested readers and designated customers.

Here Is One of the Best Company For Submitting Your Press Release News.

PressReleasePower: Press Release Power is a unique website where companies can promote literally everything about their commerce in a one-stop-shop business marketplace.  A perfect the amalgamation of public relations and advertising entity, Press Release Power is a directory of businesses, goods, and services, a press release distribution service, job search website, and online publication of articles, reviews, and celebrity interviews.  With a full company profile, each business listed on Press Release Power has an influential means by which to produce quality leads as well as gain international, national, and local disclosure for all of their products, services, and other business information.

No other body in the world provides such focused and thorough resources on every business category. Additionally, all of the other information on Press Release Power is FREE. On Affordable Press Release Network, you can catch any type of business, product, service, job, press release, an article.

Don't accept a compromise: Certainly, the right partner for your free online marketing is somewhere out there. Good Luck!

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