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Do You Use Fish Oil Supplements For Your Health?

Do you use fish oil supplements for your health? A lot of people don't, I know that for many years I would have fish maybe once every two months if I was lucky. I never gave a thought to my health. It was only through writing articles on Health Supplements that made me take a good look at myself.

Now I take a Total Balance supplement four times a day. And I take a fish oil supplement on a daily basis. I am a diabetic so I consulted with my doctor before starting on my daily supplements. Some studies have found that high doses of fish oil can worsen blood sugar control in people with diabetes. To be safe never take more than two mg of fish oil (two capsules) per day without consulting your doctor.

Taking a fish oil supplement on a daily basis is one of the cheapest forms of health insurance you can buy. Omega-3 supplements help to stop the platelets in your blood from joining up and forming clots that lead to heart attacks. Again omega-3 helps to lower your blood pressure. Fish oil is an anti-coagulant so it helps to thin your blood.

Studies have found that a woman who is pregnant should be taking an Omega-3 supplement on a daily basis to stop unwanted bouts of depression after the baby is born. Also, it has been proved that taking an Omega-3 supplement daily helps the newborn child from getting allergies and bouts of asthma and eczema.

Studies in the US have found that the high incidence of depression has a correlation to the lower amount of fish being eaten in the states today. Other studies have found that in countries where fish is eaten several times per week they have a low incidence of aged related memory loss, and a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease. Visit my website today to find out about a fish oil supplement I've discovered that I'd like to share with you.

Gordon Hall is fervent about enabling you and everyone to live a healthy lifestyle and is an ardent reviewer of fish oil supplements. To discover which supplements Gordon recommends after far ranging and extensive research

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