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Banker Group's Royal Fort Infracom Announces Multimillion-Dollar Equipment Order

Royal Fort Infracom General Trading LLC, established by Rupin Banker, is a leading supplier of infrastructure equipment, that will be supplying Nigeria with US $78 million of dredging equipment before the end of the year.  This equipment will be used to prevent coastal erosion, reclaim land, and build ports, offshore oil rigs and other important infrastructure projects of national interest in Nigeria.

According to Dredging and Port Construction, “With at least one-third of the population in West Africa living in coastal areas, which according to the World Bank, loses more than USD 3.8 billion income annually to erosion, flooding, and pollution, dredging has become necessary not only because of the need to avert climate change-related effects triggered by rising sea levels, but also to boost the production efficiency of ports, fisheries, and offshore oil and gas operations, all of which contribute nearly 42% to the sub-region’s economy.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the process of manufacturing, supply and delivery of dredging equipment has been adversely affected. The coastal areas are home to 31% of the region’s population and account for 56% of the region’s GDP, But the sandy coastal barrier is eroding almost everywhere; the situation is already critical. By being able to execute the supply of the equipment within this period, Royal Fort Infracom is proud to be able to make a contribution to the long term development projects planned for West Africa.

According to Banker Group founder, Mr. Rupin Banker, “We take great effort to understand the needs of our clients and develop a 360-degree view of their operating circumstances. We put together the supply transaction so the end client doesn’t need to invest in the equipment, allowing them to quickly get the equipment on the ground and complete their project. This is what we call aggressive trade and financial intelligence.”


Royal Fort Infracom General Trading LLC is a high-volume infrastructure supplier with cross-sectional interests that span global markets. The Company’s financial strength and ability to buy in bulk allows it to deliver price competitiveness coupled with transparency, reliability, and consistently high levels of service delivery as a supply chain partner. The company’s founder, Rupin Hemant Banker, holds strong belief in offering price stability, financial discipline, competitive cost, and bespoke credit.

Royal Fort Infracom is the infrastructure supply arm of the Banker Group a large-scale global Supply Chain Partner group with diversified interests in Supply chain, Real Estate, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals. The Banker Group, headquartered in Dubai and established in 2003, is owned by Rupin Hemant Banker and has presence at six locations in global capitals of commerce in UK, USA, India, Hong Kong & UAE.

Source - https://www.newswire.com/news/banker-groups-royal-fort-infracom-announces-multimillion-dollar-21196389

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