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12 Bitcoin Cash-Fueled Flipstarter Campaigns Raise $1 Million

The Flipstarter platform has gained traction within the last five months raising $1 million in bitcoin cash for 12 different campaigns. during a recent read.cash blog post, the team behind Flipstarter’s development said the appliance demonstrates how “stakeholder funding of the commons can work.”

At the top of February, news.Bitcoin.com reported on the creation cryptocurrency press release distribution of a noncustodial bitcoin-cash powered fundraising application called Flipstarter.cash. every week later, the developers announced the primary fundraisers persisted the newly developed application.

One of the primary fundraisers was dedicated to at least one of the BCH community’s hottest nonprofits Eatbch. The organization leverages bitcoin cash (BCH) donations to assist feed people in need throughout Venezuela and South Sudan.

During the last five months, people donated $6,000 in BCH donations to the Eatbch Flipstarter campaign.

Other Flipstarter funded campaigns saw donations sent to infrastructure development, developer adoption, and peer-to-peer electronic cash adoption also .

Leveraging BCH exchange rates at the time of the announcement, blockchain press release distribution infrastructure funding saw $769,200 in donations sent to Electron Cash, Knuth, Mark Lundeberg, BCHD, BCHN, Bitcoin Verde, and BitcoinCashJ. Developer adoption funding ($234,000) involved events like mainnet, and BCH Devcon 3.

Alongside this, two general adoption efforts stemming from SofiaBCH, and Bit for Tip were also funded ($11,904) via Flipstarter also .

“In but five months, stakeholders have invested quite $1,000,000 in 12 campaigns,” the Flipstarter team exclaimed.

“Each of the recent campaigns was created and operated by its team with no central authority. Not only that, but the campaigns cover a broad range of the commons and aren't limited to technical projects” the read.cash post adds.

It’s quite common to ascertain a couple of popular Flipstarter campaigns being advertised on Twitter and Reddit forums like r/btc lately . Last week the BCH proponent and Reddit user u/Shadowofharbringer said that Bitcoin Press Release Distribution Services before Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Flipstarter came to be, he “never thought that pocket money can feel so good.”

“My favorite way of paying money is on read.cash,” another user referencing the BCH-fueled blogging platform replied to Shadowofharbringer.

Overall the million dollars raised on a noncustodial fundraising platform is an achievement for both the Flipstarter development team and therefore the community using it also . The announcement also details there are roughly seven more Flipstarter campaigns within the process of funding.

What does one believe the Flipstarter fundraising app raising $1 million in bitcoin cash towards a spread of efforts? ICO Press Release Distribution service, allow us to know within the comments below.

Tahini’s proceeded to elucidate the explanations behind its decision to convert all of its cash reserves into the cryptocurrency. “Going through the crisis of March business was tough on us & people were scared to travel bent eat,” the corporate described, adding that times were tough and lots of people were abandoning at the time they were trying to expand their business.

Their expansion plan faced another obstacle. “The government assistance programs in Canada made it very hard for us to bring back our partners (employees) as they were making extra money staying reception and not working. All of a sudden we went from an depression to Cheap Press Release Distribution Services everyone having tons of cash including us,” Tahini’s detailed. “Our cash reserves swelled and business was booming again,” the corporate noted, adding:

One of the restaurant’s owners explained what attracted him to bitcoin. He admitted that he found the cryptocurrency repeatedly within the past, but his idol at the time was Warren Buffett, who called it “rat poison,” so he didn't concentrate thereto .

He began to vary his mind after reading a piece of writing entitled “The Number Zero and Bitcoin” by Parallax Digital CEO Robert Breedlove. Following that, he spent subsequent few months Cheap Press Release Distribution Site accumulating bitcoin in his personal account. He bought even more bitcoin after reading The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous, the worth of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth, and articles by Plan B (Twitter handle @100trillionUSD). He also bought more after taking note of variety of individuals within the bitcoin niche, like Trace Mayer, Peter McCormack, and Anthony Pompliano.

“For me I view bitcoin as a real free savings technology that stores wealth across time and space. And it came apparent to me that there's a game of musical chairs being played immediately and therefore the music will stop & some people will get overlooked ,” he opined, elaborating:

Tahini’s announcement followed a move by the Nasdaq-listed Microstrategy that became the primary major company to convert a number of its cash reserves into bitcoin. the corporate revealed last week that it purchased 21,454 bitcoins at an aggregate price of $250 million.

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