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How To Create A WordPress Timeline In A Few Steps

Wordpress, a well-known content management system serves us with lots of features and plugins. Today, in this post we will discuss another amazing thing that could be done in the words that are how to create a WordPress posts timeline?

With the help of the post timeline, you can present amazing stories into parts in an amazing way. This way of presenting stories is indeed one of the most effective ways. Timeline is one of the best WordPress Support For timeline plugins with the help of which you can create a beautiful animated vertical timeline on your site.

WordPress makes our work easier and attractive with the help of lots of plugins. According to is wp, There are 54,257 free plugins in the official WordPress Plugin Directory, with more added every day.

How to create a WordPress posts timeline (in 3 steps)

To complete this tutorial, you are required to install the Timeline Express plugin. This is one of the best tools available and is very popular because of its easy use.

So, first of all, you are required to install this plugin in order to create a WordPress Fixer For timeline. Now let's follow the steps to create WordPress timeline:

Step 1: Configure the Timeline Express plugin

As it is already told that first of all you are required to configure this plugin to your linking. Only after that, you can start your process of designing your timeline. When you activate the plugin, you will see a new Timeline Express tab on your dashboard. Here you are required to click it on in order to select the option.

With the help of the first two settings, you will come to know how your WordPress posts timeline will display. Here you are allowed to make a selection between events from the past or future (or both) under Time Frame. After that, you can also make a choice between whether to display events using an ascending or descending chronological order:

You are required to select the numbers of characters in order to display from each post of your timeline as the Timeline Express plugin draws from custom post types (called 'announcements'). The number of characters depends upon your requirement of the length. Let's take an example, the setting of 50 characters that is by default equals roughly one short sentence:

After that, you can proceed to choose whether to display the date of each announcement, which is indeed the best way to give your readers context. 24x7 WordPress Support you are looking to flesh out each announcement beyond what appears on your timeline, for this, you can have a read more option.

There is an option of choosing the colors of your announcements. These different colors will help the event boxes to look different by providing a different look to the boxes' backgrounds, shadows and the main background which is the main source of connection between them.

After going through this setting process, you are free to move towards step two from where you will start enjoying the procedure.

Step 2: Create your announcements

As it is already told that Timeline Express refers to the events of each timeline as announcements. This clearly means that you are required to create individual announcements for your WordPress posts timeline. Let's know how this will going to happen.

Visit the dashboard and from there, you are required to go to Timeline Express > New Announcement. Here you will reach in the WordPress Support Agency work editor, with a few new options at the top.

First of all, you are required to choose the name of your announcement, which you can see on your timeline. After that, you can pick a color and an icon:

After that, you are required to mention the date of the event. Only after that, you can add an image to the event using the Announcement Image option:

Although this picture will look like a featured image, still you need to do this by using a specific field. This is because the picture will not appear if you add it in a regular way. At last, you need to add the text you desire your announcement to display. Did you remember that earlier you made a set of numbers of characters? Now this will display under the announcement.

When you are done with the whole process, you can click the publish button. And for many announcements which you are desiring that your timeline contains, you just need to repeat this whole process.

Step 3: Display your WordPress posts timeline

As you have completed the process of creating announcements that will appear on your WordPress posts timeline. Now the time has come to publish the main thing. With the help of this plugin's free version which enables us to publish a single timeline makes the entire process easy. You just need to include the following shortcode into your desired page:

Be ready to save your changes and from here, your changes will be ready to go. The below-given image is an example of the final presentation.

So, you need to customize each of your announcements carefully so that you can build your project well just like this.

Final words

After reading the whole blog, hopefully, you are fully aware of the fact that how to create a WordPress Timeline in a few steps. Apart from this, you are also aware of the importance of creating WordPress Timeline.

So, in order to get the benefit of the WordPress timeline, the WordPress Development Company in India would need to follow the above-given process carefully.

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